Saturday, September 04, 2010

Don't say you can't

I get really annoyed sometimes when I hear people tell me things like, "you can't", "be realistic".
Yes, of cause I do understand that there are limtations to the things we do, but I don't need people to keep telling me that or pour more cold water. It has this strange effect on the subconscious!

We need dreams to fuel our passion to do things and to pursue the sky.

If this armless guy had told himself that he can't, would he achieve what he did today?
So next time, do not tell others they can't all the time, try some encouragement. Sometimes certain positive enforcement does wonders to our limits.

Another touching video for your senses. =)

Start by telling yourselves you can. Most of my many self made uber rich aquaintances never say they can't. The least they would say is "I will get there somehow". That aside of cos, the meaning of rich comes in all aspects like money, mental well being, health and growth. Read the book "Think rich Grow rich" by Napolean Hill?

Even my dog thrives on positive enforcement so why not us? =P
Our mind is our greatest weapon and also our worst enemy.


LєÑồVãи ÇĦẨи said...

You wrote this?..Same sentiments.I hate the first paragraph too...

Gesline said...

Yeah i did. ;)

HuiLing Yun said...

Thumbs up gal=)

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