Friday, September 17, 2010

Peektures from Evelyn and Klenn

They uploaded loads of pictures on facebook recently and I have tagged like siao for everyone.
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I have to find out what brand of camera they are using, the pictures they took so are much clearer than mine!
Random pictures.... am really too lazy to put them in order.

 Evelyn where art thou?

The forever camera ready vs the auntie coming off the plane... More ugly pictures coming up.... lol

Bo gao kunz faces on board. The reluctant look on my face!

Ugly pictures but too priceless to be left out! lol
 Getting pocket money from Sugar Daddy the moment we stepped off the plane.

Sucking up to the big guy after that. lol.. look at that 拽 face!

The most serious shot I could find of Vincent!

The rest of the time, its mostly like this!

The boy who never grew up?


Our favourite ant again.

The guy who had a stream of korean girls hitting on him all the time. Faintz.

The supposedly young ones. hehehehe

The Singaporean team. 导演 at the leftmost. 
You probably do not know him, but he is the script writer for some of the popular mediacorp drama shows 《荷兰村》 and 《和平的代价》.
I 有眼不识 Orh Ee Orh..

Lastly, the place we go to to get our favourite cup noodles, GS25 (their local 7-eleven alike store)


Vincent Tee said...

haha.... well tagged!!

Evelyn Wang said...

eh girl, mine is SONY. Its good!!!! Get it!... haha

Evelyn Wang said...

but thanks for tagging everyone.

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