Monday, May 31, 2010

The Secret to You

Today is the beginning of my new life
I am starting over today
All good things are coming to me today
I am grateful to be alive

I see beauty all around me
I live with passion and purpose
I take time to laugh and play everyday
I am awake, energized and alive

I focus on all the good things in life
And give thanks for them
I am at peace and one with everything
I feel the love, the joy, the abundance

I am free to be myself
I am magnificent in human form
I am the perfection of life (wah... this one reminds me of someone)
I am grateful to be me

Today is the best day of my life! Indeed Indeed... =)

My dear family, loved ones and friends, you are all magnificient and a good teacher in my life. =)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Advertorial - White Lotus

When one's ill, one looks for a doctor.
Now, when your guitar's ill, who would you look for?

Introducing SG's unique Doctor Guitar... WHITE LOTUS!!!! TADA!!!

How cool is this right? Doctor Guitar gives all your old or spoilt guitars a new lease of life.

Services include:

Guitar Setup (Electric / Acoustic)
1) Adjusting of truss rod
2) Neck set angle (for electric guitars w/ bolted necks)
3) Bridge / Nut adjustments
4) Fret redressing & leveling
5) Changing of strings

General guitar Repairs
1) Upkeeping of the guitar's function

Acoustic Guitar Pickup Installation
1) Installation of 3rd party guitar pickups

Electrical Works
1) Changing of pickups (single coil / humbuckers)
2) Electromagnetic shielding
3) Fault tracing
4) Rewiring
5) Changing of pots and output socket

1) Guitar body polish
2) Fret Polish
3) Fret board shine
4) Machine head and hardware shine

CHECK out the site for the cool guitar pictures!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

好感叹阿... Had the chance of corresponding with a divorced father who is pinning so hard for his son but is alienated from him by a 6 months non access court order despite having granted parental access.

The court's reasons:
1. The son claims that he does not want to see the father.
2. The son is having his PSLE exams.

I wonder if the mom has ever realised that she has such an important role to play in this matter. No matter how much bad blood exist between her and her ex-spouse, a child should always be encouraged to acknowledge his real parentage and to also be given a chance to spend time with both parents. 孩子不是个人的感情工具阿. It is not like the poor dad is shunning away from the duties of a responsible father.

If she can generously provide that bridge, the child will not lose his father.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My little cousin's debut online

Fiona and her bestie, Nana. Such is a cute pair!

Friday, May 21, 2010


I remember the gal from my hometown.
With a pair of uneven legs,
She limps as she walks.
Nobody likes how she slurs in her speech.

Kids in the neighbourhood ridicule/taunt her.
She remains silent.

Grandma disallows me from laughing at her,
Because her disability is a kind of beauty.
I watch as she struts and sways while carrying her basket in the wee hours of the dawn.

From her doorstep she walks closer.
Her every step speaks of endurance towards humiliation.
Her unswerving determination and kind face was ever so pure.
I finally understood.

The moon need not always be round, disability can also be a beauty.
We do not need to possess everything in life, to enjoy it is also a blessing.
To bear in adversity and turning it into a miracle,
A disabled life can also paint its most beautiful legacy.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


If you adjust the strings of a string instrument too taut, the strings will snap before you can play any music. If you let it go too loosely, nothing comes out too.

The answer always lie in the midway. =)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Advertorial - Taels of Silver Workshop

Due to the good response for the Saturday workshop, 5th June (2 places left),
Taels of Silver is opening another one on the 6th June! Do hurry!

Make your own silver rings! Couple rings, friendship rings or your own customized ring design to give or to keep! Join us for the upcoming workshop on 5 June 2010 (Sat) from 2-6pm. Please hurry as there are limited seats! For bookings and enquiries, please email:

Taels of Silver is a online vintage jewelry store that not only makes and/or customizes unique pieces of jewelry, but also conducts workshops to create and craft your own silver jewelry. More information can be on

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Somehow this poem appear now and then, and every time I read it, it conjures back images.


How beautiful is the Chinese language to depict such immense emotion...

海蝶森林 has relocated @ SCAPE!

海蝶森林 OB Music Forest How to get to OB Music Forest new office! 怎么去海蝶森林新的地点!

I'm searching for the cheapest available parking and ERP avoiding routes. =P

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

On Mother's Day, let these attack your senses, touch your heart, trigger your laughter and awake your compassion. =)

For you if you are sad and depressed.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


What I had thought to be an hour turns out to be only 15 mins when I tried meditation daily. My 功夫不到家. lol

Though I'm still terrible at it, meditation did help me clear alot of clutter from the mind. I am able to sleep more peacefully nowadays and not get insomia.

Interestingly enough, on 2 occasions, there was a flash of white light each time. They happened when I finally got rid of all thoughts at that split second. But of cos I got excited when I see that light and I jumped out of the state as fast as I got in.

I want to conquer my own mind!


Am still working away at 1am! BOO HOO!!

Anyway Dow is looking quite bad tonight..

----- Yahoo Finance -----
Stocks Take a Hit as Greek Contagion Fears Weigh; Dow Sinks More Than 200, VIX Jumps- AP

Stocks plunged around the world Tuesday as fears spread that Europe's attempt to contain Greece's debt crisis would fail. The dollar spiked against the embattled euro, sending prices for oil and other commodities sharply lower.
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