Friday, September 17, 2010

Peektures from Evelyn and Klenn

They uploaded loads of pictures on facebook recently and I have tagged like siao for everyone.
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I have to find out what brand of camera they are using, the pictures they took so are much clearer than mine!
Random pictures.... am really too lazy to put them in order.

 Evelyn where art thou?

The forever camera ready vs the auntie coming off the plane... More ugly pictures coming up.... lol

Bo gao kunz faces on board. The reluctant look on my face!

Ugly pictures but too priceless to be left out! lol
 Getting pocket money from Sugar Daddy the moment we stepped off the plane.

Sucking up to the big guy after that. lol.. look at that 拽 face!

The most serious shot I could find of Vincent!

The rest of the time, its mostly like this!

The boy who never grew up?


Our favourite ant again.

The guy who had a stream of korean girls hitting on him all the time. Faintz.

The supposedly young ones. hehehehe

The Singaporean team. 导演 at the leftmost. 
You probably do not know him, but he is the script writer for some of the popular mediacorp drama shows 《荷兰村》 and 《和平的代价》.
I 有眼不识 Orh Ee Orh..

Lastly, the place we go to to get our favourite cup noodles, GS25 (their local 7-eleven alike store)


好怀念曲有奇理的日子哦。一眨眼,都两年了。 大家还好吗?!
好久没听我们曾经唱过的demos了. 有些曲和词还是很好听!

Chatted with some of you recently and here are the things you wanted! I have them reposted!!

A No Budget MV Production.
Radio 1003的歌
词:阿Ken + 1003 听众
曲:陈孟奇+ 1003 听众

Clowning behind the scenes

Monday, September 13, 2010

A tad too late

Me and wenwu came across a kitten that was knocked down by a car. The car owner had the decency to bring it to the side of the road to avoid it being further crushed by other cars.

Wenwu was so nice to pull his car to the side curb so that I could check on kitty, but it was too late. It must have died instantaneously upon impact. I don't know what got over me that I used my bare hand to touch the carcass. I had to make sure it was dead (Seriously... I thought I heard a weak meow...). Would not be able to let go knowing that I left an injured animal unattended when I took the trouble to check it out in the first place.

Ended up, we called the NEA to retrieve the poor animal's carcass.
Gee... I hope I don't witness such incidents often....

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

This is plain disgusting and cruel

Read or watched the video of a Bosnian girl throwing new born puppies into the river?

Not for the faint-hearted...

More so disgusting are some of the comments posted in Stomp:

Some people actually find it Funny? And some find it justifiable.
To them: Damn you! Why not I throw you into the river for a change since it is so fun? *wink*  You mindless oh so almighty race of an animal.

Yes. We kill for our food and survival but since when has it been justifiable that we kill for fun's sake? It is not about biasness or placing higher regards for certain groups of animals over the rest. If someone throws any animal into the river for fun, it is MURDER get it?

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Don't say you can't

I get really annoyed sometimes when I hear people tell me things like, "you can't", "be realistic".
Yes, of cause I do understand that there are limtations to the things we do, but I don't need people to keep telling me that or pour more cold water. It has this strange effect on the subconscious!

We need dreams to fuel our passion to do things and to pursue the sky.

If this armless guy had told himself that he can't, would he achieve what he did today?
So next time, do not tell others they can't all the time, try some encouragement. Sometimes certain positive enforcement does wonders to our limits.

Another touching video for your senses. =)

Start by telling yourselves you can. Most of my many self made uber rich aquaintances never say they can't. The least they would say is "I will get there somehow". That aside of cos, the meaning of rich comes in all aspects like money, mental well being, health and growth. Read the book "Think rich Grow rich" by Napolean Hill?

Even my dog thrives on positive enforcement so why not us? =P
Our mind is our greatest weapon and also our worst enemy.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Busy Flirting

..... With my iPhone 4!
I must admit that I used to find it stupid to subscribe to the iPhone brand. Well, I am taking back (swallowing or whatever it takes) my words. I am kicking start my foray into the sexy iPhone brand. And I am definitely loving the experience!

I am so absolutely in love with my new phone and its apps, functions that I am ignoring the battery life problem.
P.S. Whoever is able to solve this bottleneck problem in hp devices will become the next billionaire!

Can't help but ogle at the sleek and chio design (I think it looks much better than iPhone 3) and I did not hesitate to purchase the back cover protection. Got my eggshell from Tunewear. Guess which colour?

PINK!!! (No prizes for the correct answer though)

Never been so hardworking at installing programs/apps in my life, what more the free ones! Have already downloaded quite a few e-books that could last me through my sleepless nights.

Am looking forward to trying to program an app for my own iPhone. Jimmy has already done one for posters around our office. Just by aiming the phone at them, 3D characters pop up and with their individual information. Is that cool or cool? That is the so called Augmented Reality technology. It's been around for ages but not widely used. I forsee it to gain popularity soon with the increase usage of smart camera phones.
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