Friday, February 18, 2011

Bathe with my dog

Some people may find it very 恶心, but I find it efficient!

To bathe a dog, you have to first soap it with the dog shampoo, followed by the conditioner, wait for conditioner to be absorbed, rinse away then blow dry.

When I wasn't bathing along with my dog then, I often find myself get wet after the entire 45mins. It's a super time wastage since I will also take my bath after that. The entire process lasts at least an hour.

I'd got pretty impatient with this weekly inefficient process. And so I decided that I will bathe with my dog! Firstly, I'll shampoo my hair and condition it. While waiting for the conditioner to nourish my thick strands, I will start shampooing the dog and condition him after that. While he is unhappily sourcing for an escape route, I'll rinse off my conditioner and soap myself clean. While rinsing my bath soap off, the unhappy dog will get a fair share of water sprays. It ends up that we both get washed up almost at the same point! Muahahahaha... Takes only 20-25 minutes. Plus the blower, it stretches to at most 40 minutes. So much more efficient right!


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